Secret Garden

"In a field of roses
she is a wildflower."

Inspired by beauty of blooming nature.

Secret garden in one-of-a-kind ring, specially designed and completely handcrafted for a lady, who is in love with blooming nature, and all the colors of it. She grows her own colorful flower garden and makes a stunning art pieces from flower petals.


Geometric foundation with bloomy details

The concept of Secret garden ring originates from a rich tapestry of delicate blossoms, petal’s composition, and the mesmerizing Fibonacci sequence as a universal language of nature. On one facet, the inspiration is drawn from the resplendent colors that burst forth like a symphony in the the central Melody stone. It mirrors the vibrant hues of spring and the warm embrace of summer.  

But there’s more to this story. Each of the four hearts adorning this ring is not just a symbol of love but a testament to the profound connection the family share with the natural world. All of that is also reflected in the diamond, which is universally recognized as a symbol of love and connection.

On the other side, the strict geometric design of the ring’s base represents the foundation that allowed this enchanting tale to flourish upon it.


The Secret garden ring is produced entirely by hand with traditional goldsmith technics. The main ring construction is made in 14kt yellow gold by milling, sewing, welding, and hammering process, adding the custom-made stone baskets in 14kt rose gold. That’s how the caleidoscope of colors in the main melody stone comes to life even more. 

Due to the exclusivity of the gemstones, the Secret garden ring it’s the only of its kind and impossible to copy. Custom variations of the Secret garden ring can only be made with similar gemstones.

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

A. Hepburn