Infinity collection

We cross infinity with every step;
we meet eternity in every second."
R. Tagore

"It was always You."

Forever love engagement ring is a part of the Infinity collection, symbolizing true love and eternal commitment. Designed as a combination of two different cyclic shapes, mirroring each other, and connected together with the central diamond, representing their soul. Like two halves of the whole linked in a universal force of love.

Forever in your arms.

The Infinity ring consists of two cyclic shapes, representing the symbol of infinity in 3D space, adding a unique oval-cut melody stone. Inside it, we found a beautiful kaleidoscope of another infinity. Both – in color and shape – to celebrate light.


Jewelry building

Each piece of the Infinity collection is produced entirely by hand with traditional goldsmith technics in14kt rose, yellow or white gold with a unique precious stone. Each stone was handpicked by author herself. 


The design of the Infinity ring reflects our human nature and the infinite possibilities to choose from every day. The ring consists of two cyclic shapes, constructed in gold and merged together in the multidimensional symbol of eternity. In the center of each ring a precious stone radiates in which we find a beautiful kaleidoscope of another infinity. Both – in color and shape, to celebrate the beauty of nature every day.