Mimotho combines quality precious metal jewelry with a unique architectural accent, clear concept, and outstanding attention to detail to meet the demands of stylish and unique clients. 

The foundation of every Mimotho jewelry piece is basic geometry, expanding through colors of precious stones and multidimensional silver or golden forms. Simple at first glance yet structurally very complex. The biggest inspiration for every collection is architecture in the broadest sense – above all, as a vivid space living around and within us.

“To be surrounded by the most precious materials of the world and have the honor to build with them in the shape of jewelry is a dream come true.”


"In a world inundated with a surplus of options, we all seek something that resonates as truly special."

“Geometry stands as the universal language of our universe, woven intricately into the fabric of existence. It captivates me how the most intricate elements of our surroundings can stem from three fundamental shapes. Reality is refreshingly simple beneath its complexity. Even the most intricate forms can be distilled into elemental components, forming the bedrock of everything. Through jewelry, I aim to articulate this idea.”


Metka Mikuletič is a Slovenian-based architect, who has always been fascinated by unique, limited-scale projects rather than uniformed ones and preferred constructing with metals rather than bricks. After completing her master’s degree in architecture, she continued her education as a goldsmith, currently working on her own jewelry brand.

“By focusing on the authentic essence of each piece I create, I hope to inspire individuals to reconnect with themselves, appreciate their unique abilities, and explore the depth of their creativity.”


Every piece of Mimotho jewelry is handcrafted with precision and care, using traditional goldsmith’s techniques. 

The biggest passion is not only designing but also making the jewelry itself. I aim to defy the prevailing trend of mass and instant replication by presenting jewelry that is deeply meaningful, intricately simple, and richly connected to the universe’s timeless language of geometry.”

All Mimotho collections, from the idea to conceptualization, development, and production are realized by the founder architect in a goldsmith studio, based in Postojna, Slovenia.